g a s z t r o m ű h e l y

The flavours of Balaton at Kéthely

g a s z t r o m ű h e l y

The flavours of Balaton at Kéthely

Back to our roots.Our Gasztroműhely is more than a restaurant: a meeting point, a wine bar, a culinary experience, and a sustainable choice. Local, farm-based ingredients are key elements of our kitchen concept. Under the guidance of our chef, we are constantly experimenting to make the gastronomy of South Lake Balaton more colorful.

Our menu changes with nature - Sustainable cuisine

As with the rest of the estate, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint. We strive to source as much raw material as possible from the surrounding area, primarily from BIO producers or even locally grow or produce.

Fortunately, not only we follow this philosophy in the region: we can say that one of the country’s best Angus cattle is grazing right next to the property, but we also bake our own bread with our own leaven, and our kitchen garden keeps us fresh and colorful from spring to autumn.

Independent destination

We want to make every visit special, so we work hard every day to make it worth to visit us, even if it's just for lunch or dinner. We know that Southern Balaton is a wonderful place, and how relaxing it could be to sit on the terrace overlooking the vineyard at the end of the day while listening to nature with a glass of wine - this is what we would like to pass on to those who visit us. For private, family, friends, or work events, our Gasztroműhely is at your disposal.

Natural flavors - Wines and food

In addition to our regional and seasonal bistro cuisine, our guests can also explore the wines of South Balaton through our portfolio. In recent years, we have also used the most natural way in the vineyard and in the cellar, so that our wines and dishes are in perfect harmony. The result is pure, harmonious, without any kind of frills.

Awards: Hungarian Cuisine Magazine, Balaton 2016, 2017, and 2019: Gastronomical Guide to 10 Best Restaurants. | Dining Guide - the 100 best Hungarian restaurants.

Opening hours: 

Wednesday to Friday: 18:00 - 22:00 

Saturday to Sunday : 12:00 - 22:00 

Whether private parties, programs for your family or friends, or company events, all our Wine Estate will be at your disposal if you also want it. In addition to the venue, we will also provide for the catering and wines at your important events. Contact us for more information: info@kristinus.hu | 06 85 539 014. Information on our event halls: kristinus.hu/en/eventhalls

The menu may change due to seasonality and availability of products. 


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Opening of our Gastro Bistrot: We are closed now! For more information please contact us: info@kristinus.hu