Kristinus Wine Estate

The estate

We cultivate healthy grapes in a sustainable way, from which we make unique wines. What helps us to do this? The South Balaton terroir, a heart-soul team and our faith in the region. Our goal is to go one step back: to influence nature's raw materials as little as possible.

For us, this place is the center of the world, much more than just a vineyard that produces our wines. We want to give as back much as we can of what we get from it, so sustainability, organic and biodynamic cultivation is the basis of everything at the estate.

Kéthely and environment

Kéthely winemaking has a three-hundred-year old tradition. The grape from the 55-hectares of vineyards, located in the protection of hills and forests becomes perfect raw material due to the clay soil and fresh air, and we handle them in the way they deserve. We handpick and gently process the valuable grapes, documenting fermentation from year to year. We store our premium wines in oak barrels, so they are bottled in their prime. Guided tours help explore our winery, where not only the architecturally notable buildings are shown, but visitors can even bottle wine themselves. 

Kéthely, besides the Kristinus Wine Estate, is an exciting tourist destination at Lake Balaton. The ten kilometre distance can easily be covered, even by bicycle, therefore an around Balaton bike tour can include a visit at the Winery, accentuated with looking at local sights.

The Neo-Baroque Hunyady castle built in the 17th century, that has seen better days, can only hint at its former elegance. The historic (protected) building served as a hospital and general nursing home until 2006 – even after a significant part of the castle was consumed in the 1986 blaze. Its ten-hectare park is home to a number of rare tree species, among them the white fir or the hackberry. 

You can take guided boat trips in Kis-Balaton; the Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta is a veritable family program. Keszthely is also very close to Kéthely, where you can enjoy the warm and shallow waters during summertime. In contrast, if you are seeking the same experience in a quiet setting, any beach of the villages in the Southern Balaton area will do.